After a two month wait for EXO-Ls (EXO fans), EXO is back again with a re-release of their second studio album, “Exodus.” Titled “Love Me Right,” the repackaged version was released on June 3rd & features four new songs, including the title track of the same name. Unlike the original version, which highlighted the voices of the revamped 10-member group, the repackaged edition only presented us with nine separate voices due to Chinese thành viên Tao’s sudden hiatus from the group.

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Despite this setback, the South Korean-Chinese boy band proved that it was still able lớn dominate the charts when both the Korean và Chinese versions of the lead single “Love Me Right” stole first and second place respectively on Gaon’s Album Charts for the week of May 31st through June 6th. Of course, this comes as no real surprise since EXO is known khổng lồ have a large and dedicated tín đồ base capable of great influence, which, then, still begs the question… did the repackaged album live up to the anticipation?

Lucky for the boys, it did.

”Love Me Right”

The album opens up with its title song, “Love Me Right,” a track that makes use of a number of animated horns, pulsating bass lines, and rising synths that ultimately lead up to lớn the hook. It is actually a nice follow-up khổng lồ their last single, “Call Me Baby,” which also centers on a throbbing bass sound accentuated by the occasional bursts of brass.

Just as how main vocalist Baekhyun tells us to “take time,” the tuy nhiên starts off slow, progressing as it makes its way through the two part rap separated by a bell-like noise I can only describe as that of a mặc định ringtone. I suppose the one upside to the increasing member turnover rate is that members with little vocal presence, such as Sehun, are finally given more parts. Here, he can finally shine with his raps without being assigned khổng lồ spelling out “E-X-O” duty. So far the song is nothing too impressive – until we are hit with a howl.

The mood instantly changes & we are thrown into a fun dance number. It is definitely a lively departure from their more electronic & hip-hop sound that we are used to, which is probably why it can easily be mistaken for another group’s song, namely their senior group SHINee. Not that that is considered a bad thing, as SHINee has always impressed listeners with their quality sound. It might take a couple of listens, but the chorus grows on you. The second verse does a better job with build-up by implementing the aforementioned synths, & after watching the live performances it will be difficult not to lớn associate the claps following the bridge with the thigh slaps of the xinh đẹp choreography.

The theme of the song is all about the rush one feels when in love, laden with many galactic references of wanting to escape to lớn an ethereal universe with the significant other. Such a chimerical message is conveyed through the upbeat nature of the tuy nhiên and the “Alice in Wonderland” Easter eggs hidden in the music video. EXO does not have any summer songs in their repertoire but perhaps this could very well be it.

“Tender Love”

Following “Love Me Right” is the groovy retro track “Tender Love,” with lyrics from Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko. And like any groovy retro track, this one features smooth piano melodies & blaring trumpets khổng lồ accompany the just as tender voices of the members. The song starts off with a buoyant a-skip-in-your-step feel as the members sing about the gentlemanly things they would do for the girl they like. Then, come pre-chorus, the beat slows down as reality sets in và listeners learn that the girl is not a girlfriend, but nothing more than a close friend. The entire chorus is a repetition of the words “tender love,” what the members want to lớn give khổng lồ the friend if only she were theirs. The meaning behind those two simple words could be felt by the passion behind their collective voices.

The instrumentals và musical arrangement work well here to lớn tell the story of a man who tries to lớn muster up the courage lớn confess his feelings, a position most of us can relate to. Not khổng lồ mention the little exchanges of the various “characters” in the background địa chỉ to a more engaging song. I can’t help but think that if the King of Pop Michael Jackson himself were khổng lồ ever dabble in K-pop, the over result would sound something similar to this. Up until now, EXO has not delved into the retro-pop genre, which shows that they are constantly experimenting with their sound. “Tender Love” has all the fun and funk a fan could ask for; all that is missing is a dance practice clip to go along with.

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As some fans might already know, “First Love” actually first made its debut not through the repackaged album, but through Youtube prior khổng lồ the release of their second studio album. This was done in order to give EXO-Ls a sneak peek into what was to come and as a present for all the tư vấn and patience fans had given khổng lồ the group. Unfortunately, it was only up for 10 hours on SM Entertainment’s official channel before it was made private, leaving many fans wondering if they would ever re-release it or if they were going to lớn pull an “El Dorado” on us again (the song, along with “Beautiful,” was originally previewed in EXO’s debut teasers back in 2012 but did not make its official release until 2015). So when I discovered that the tuy nhiên was on the “Love Me Right” track list, I was beyond ecstatic.

The tuy nhiên starts with and maintains a steady mid-tempo piano melody, which also complements the pep that each member brings vocally to lớn the table. It’s a track about the dream-like experience of a first love, so certainly the song is going to lớn be a light-hearted one that is easy on the ears. Even the raps from members Sehun and Chanyeol are bit calmer than usual. Và though the melody is a fairly simple one, it is still very addictive. Repetition is key, và it is everywhere here.

You came to me và bloomed (a pretty single stemmed rose) You are my light (my light that shines in my heart) A secret that no one knows (a secret only we want to lớn keep) The most dazzling picture (my picture, such a beautiful picture, love)

From the piano, which employs the same couple of keys throughout the whole track, lớn the backup vocals, which echo back to lớn previous lyrics, “First Love” is sure to entice listeners with the sugar sweet individual voices of the nine members. I know it’s a personal favorite of mine!

“Promise (EXO 2014)”

It’s true what they say about saving the best for last. “Promise (EXO 2014)” concludes the album, and its position on the track menu was most definitely a conscious decision as it is arguably the most meaningful tuy nhiên to not only fans, but for the members as well. For this final track, member Lay personally helped in composing both the Korean & Chinese versions of the tuy nhiên and in writing the lyrics for the latter version. Meanwhile, thành viên Chen (Kim Jong Dae) & Chanyeol wrote the lyrics for the Korean version. It is always good practice to listen khổng lồ music with the lyrics in hand, but in order to lớn fully appreciate this track this is an absolute must.

Like the previous track “First Love,” this ballad also relies on the use of a piano melody. Yet this song is set at a much lower note, which creates a more somber ambiance than the loving “First Love.”

Sometimes, I close the door and fall into my thoughts Thinking about myself on stage You even liked my clumsy moments But I wonder if I even deserve that love You always waited for me at that spot You embraced me with your arms, so thankful to lớn you

Right off the bat, it is clear that the members are singing about the gratitude they have for EXO-Ls regardless of the hardships they faced along the way. The song’s alternate title, “EXO 2014”, indicates that 2014 was a poignant year for them when two of their Chinese members, Luhan & Kris (Wu Yi Fan), parted ways with the group. It’s a pretty sensitive topic for fans, especially since one of the two remaining Chinese members, Tao, risk the same fate.

I won’t ever forget I will make you happy Just lượt thích the saying, we are one

The song’s pre-chorus, laced with finger snaps và a mild percussive sound, harks back khổng lồ EXO’s biểu ngữ “we are one,” words that might be difficult to lớn summon but mean all the more in their current situation. As the hook comes in, a mix of strings becomes more prominent, riding the gusto in the members’ voices. Again, I can’t help but compare the sounds of the tuy vậy to another one of their established senior groups, Super Junior. In particular, the tuy vậy is reminiscent of Super Junior’s subunit group D&E’s “Growing Pains” that was released earlier this year.

“Promise” continues in a similar vein, with the members communicating their warm feelings towards the fans and promising khổng lồ give it their all. It’s such an emotionally charged song that it is sure khổng lồ make for a wonderful tear-inducing live performance. Và of course, if I am going to review “Promise,” I have khổng lồ give an honorable mention to lớn main rapper Chanyeol for absolutely slaying the rap portion of the track. It begins as your typical rap-ballad, but escalates so fast into something so fueled with aggression & pain that it immediately grabbed my attention. Despite his young age, Chanyeol really sets the bar for other SM rappers.

Overall Thoughts

EXO’s repackaged album “Love Me Right” is a pretty solid và stellar addition to lớn anyone’s playlist this year. The re-release is a melting pot of different sounds, so listeners are sure khổng lồ come across at least one piece of ear candy they will love. In a mere span of three years, EXO is slowly proving themselves as a mega-idol group of great musical prowess with well-composed albums such as this.

I read this somewhere online recently & it’s kind of perfect: “Love Me Right is what Call Me Baby was supposed khổng lồ be.” bởi you agree?


I was worried about what they described as an “upbeat summer song” because I usually find those redundant & boring, but this one is actually really fun! In general, the composition is pretty good. All of the lines flow in & out of each other so well that it really sounds like one extended tune instead of a bunch of broken up lines, which is very hard khổng lồ do. From beginning to kết thúc this song is one fun ride. They took a risk in doing a different type of tuy vậy from their usual, but it was a risk well-taken.

I will say that it does take a while lớn get into the song. Those very first lines in the beginning sound a little offbeat to lớn me. However, once the chorus begins the rest is near perfect.

D.O. Sounds fabulous in this song. That short line he does before the last chorus is probably my favorite part of the whole song.

Score: 4.5/5


Song aside, this video clip was just one hot mess. It feels lượt thích there are three music videos here instead of one. We have the misfit friends storyline, the carefree dancing in your room video, and an episode of Friday Night Lights. I really lượt thích all of the scenes of Kai khiêu vũ in his room và the rap line playing đoạn phim games because those scenes actually fit the sound of the song. The colors in those scenes are funky and fun, which is a very refreshing change for EXO.

However the story with Sehun and Kai walking around outside doesn’t seem to lớn fit at all. They are nice scenes & would make a nice đoạn clip (*cough*like BTS’s I Need U*cough*), but there are so few of those scenes và they don’t seem related to the other scenes of the đoạn clip at all.

Finally, the American football scenes. *shudder* This concept needs lớn go. Period. Not one thành viên suits this concept at all. Nope.

Score: 2.5/5


Since the đoạn clip was all over the place, it was hard to lớn find one score for the entire variety of outfits in this video. As I said, the American football concept needs to go. That part is easy.

Other than that, everyone generally looks okay, but there are a few looks that stand out as really good in this đoạn phim that makes me want to give them a more positive score for wardrobe. I am very happy lớn see Chanyeol sporting Suho’s mad-scientist hair from Overdose that I loved! Baekhyun looks pretty good throughout the whole video, especially in the dance scenes, and I absolutely love Kai’s “awesome awesome” shirt. The one member who I think just looks amazing from beginning to kết thúc is D.O.. Even his facial expressions are on point in this video.

Those nerd-meets-jock outfits in the dance scene are alright. I’m not crazy about them, but they pull off the look well enough.

Score: 3.5/5


This dance, while it does have a lot of nice choreography points, suffers from something that many groups before EXO have done: rather than be one unified dance, it just looks like a bunch of disjointed dance moves. I lượt thích all of the movement going on throughout the song, but none of the moves seem khổng lồ flow into each other. The difference between this dance & other truly good dances is that there are small, but definite pauses in between each dance move.

It just isn’t that interesting to lớn me. It is one of those dances that are there because the tuy vậy needed choreography, but I wouldn’t hotline this a chất lượng dance piece.

I can’t take that window-washing move seriously. EXO managed khổng lồ stay away from cheesiness for the most part in this video, but they lost me there.

Score: 3.9/5

Overall, I did really like this comeback. I know, I made a lot of criticisms, but I definitely came out of this video clip very happy. I think part of that may be because I so much disliked Call Me Baby, và this video clip is just so much better. It is so different from EXO’s other music videos, and typical SM videos as well, so the change was very nice to lớn see. From an objective standpoint, I don’t think anything in this comeback is worth receiving a big kết thúc of the year award (but we all know it’s going lớn happen anyway

), but it is a nice summer song to enjoy for now.

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Overall Final Score: 3.6/5


Thoughts on Love Me Right? Did you hear my Lay rapping in the Chinese version?!

: Promise by EXO. This song makes me cry, và that rarely happens with EXO. Seriously, I think this is one of my new favorite songs of all time.